This time of year is when most Cubs fans have moved on starting to  pay attention to pre-season football.  However, this is a MUCH different year for many of us as we still have a dual focus between sports with the success of the north siders (although some will say the story hasn’t been finished on either, but that is a conversation for another day).  I started thinking a few weeks ago about how each year is the same for a team starting a new season wondering how that relates to our businesses and lives.  Here’s what I came up with.

Thought #1 – The Team Change:

Each year, no matter the success of the team from the previous year, training camp occurs with new players; coaches may have moved on with new leadership now in place; and a path is established for success that may be completely different from the previous year.  The goal of the coaching staff is to come together themselves while also developing the camaraderie of the team as a whole.  There will be highs and lows on the road as the process develops, but the goal remains the same to build a team that supports each other and is pulling in the same direction.  Sounds familiar to what we do each day in our organizations, doesn’t it?

Thought #2 – The Change of the Path:

A review of the prior year/history exposes those plays that helped propel the team to success or which may not have been nearly as helpful  Either way, the coaching staff sets the vision for the upcoming year on how the path they believe will position them best for success.  Much like our own businesses, unforeseen occurrences happen during the season resulting in the need to adjust paths and players to keep going through the hard times.  Ultimately, it is how we handle these changes that help shape the organization.  Remember, we learn more through the valleys than we do at the mountain tops!

Thought #3 – We go NOWHERE w/o Fundamentals:

Our lives are shaped by a series of learning experiences.  Each team starts their seasons by concentrating on practicing the fundamentals of their profession no matter how many years of experience they may have.  It’s our natural inclination to lose abilities in areas we don’t exercise so why do we think it is any different with the fundamentals of our positions we offer to our employers and clients.  Much like the players responsibility to practice and provide a quality team for their fans, we owe our clients the same outcome.  The success we promise our clients will only come through practicing our own fundamentals applicable to our businesses and then implementing them to meet their goals.


Ultimately, we owe it to our clients, business partners, and staff to practice our fundamentals to deliver on the promises we make.  No one can do it for us nor can we make someone else practice as it’s a desire and focus that comes from within.  Life can be a game at times – how are your fundamentals?

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