The Beach, Change, and Lessons Learned

The Beach, Change, and Lessons Learned

For anyone that knows my wife and me knows that we spend our first couple weeks of the year on a beach escaping the cold and snow of Central Illinois.  Not only does it allow us to enjoy the beauty, but allows us to reflect on the past year and look toward to the upcoming one.  Over the years, the trip has also provided lessons that I have applied to my life relating to the change we all experience at some level:

Change is a CONSTANT

We have a different experience every year when we return. It may be the small improvements made to the resort or the drastic changes resulting from a hurricane!  Some changes occur over an extended period of time or come upon us quickly. The ocean can wash away 2 feet of sand overnight or put it back in the same time period – it really is an unbelievable experience to see this happen.  All of these examples have one thing in common – they involve change and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it.

Change is an OPPORTUNITY

A little over 10 years ago,  Hurricane Wilma rotated above Cancun as a Category 4 storm dropping over 60 inches of rain.  However, the beach was totally destroyed and all that was left was rocks.  Yes, under all the sand are boulders.  The condition looked pretty much hopeless until the decision was made to create a new beach by shipping sand off the coast of Cozumel and pumping it back onto the shores of Cancun.  The end result was a beach that was in better shape than it was before.  It was deeper and wider than it ever had been and contained shells we had never had prior to the storm.   Did anyone ever think the beach would have disappeared or the the interim steps to correct it would have failed, NO!  However, the end result was worthwhile and is enjoyed annually by hundreds of thousands of people.

Change involves an ATTITUDE

Change will occur so the ultimate question becomes how we will ultimately deal with it. Our choices are to hold onto the past and wish we could go back or to embrace the situation making a conscience decision to move forward.  Moving forward doesn’t necessarily come without stumbling at times, but if make the decision to hold onto the past, we deprive ourselves of the future.

So what does this have to do with rest of the year?  Well, when we get back on the plane to come home, we can expect the goals or expectations we have for the year probably won’t come out the same way as we would have expected.  We may get to the end result (or may not) but the ultimate path that ends up being taken may not  (probalby won’t) be the ultimate path we end up taking.  This applies both personally and professionally.  All our life lessons are different, but we all will experience change – the big change is “what do you do with it”?

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